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Both do-it-yourself investors and investors using one or more advisors/brokers often face decisions where they are unsure of the appropriate course of action. We offer a straightforward consulting service designed to help those seeking an outside, unbiased opinion. Our people have decades of experience in the investment business and contacts with many of the most respected professionals and academics in many investment specialties. You provide us with a summary of your situation (and responses to appropriate suitability and background questions) and we will promptly provide you with an opinion. If we don't believe we can add value, we'll tell you that as well.

See also What We Learned From the Financial Crisis from the Wall Street Journal (9/13/2013) which cites Proficient's Gary Karz and discusses second investment opinions.

Common questions that we can help investors evaluate include
  • Does a specific investment or fund (still) make sense as part of an investors portfolio, or are there better alternatives?
  • How much or what percentage of an investors assets might make sense to invest in a specific opportunity?
  • Is an investors portfolio or a specific holding too risky given the investor's circumstances?

Our compensation is based on time spend with no strings attached. By engaging Proficient for an opinion, investors can potentially uncover better alternatives and/or get additional clarity on whether their current advisors/brokers are doing a good, or poor job for them.

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